Stereoificator on Github

This project is no longer being actively developed. Please check out Virieo, Vorp-x or Tridef if you are looking for an alternative.

The documentation for Stereoificator is now being maintained via the projects Github Wiki. The Wiki should be your primary reference for understanding how to configure Stereoificator.

**Remember that if a game needs the d3d9.dll copied into its directory then you have to do that again if you install a new version of Stereoificator.**

Current Stable Release: v0.02.0000a, Src, Documentation, Change Log

Older Versions:

Experiments (unstable):

Caution: Generally everyone should stick with the Current Stable Release above. Any Experimental Releases in this section are likely to be unstable and break a lot of things. They are quick tests of features and generally break more things than they add.

None at this time.