Welcome to my portfolio page, check out some of my work below.


Borderlands 2 with Stereoificator

Borderlands 2 with Stereoificator

Stereoificator is my experimental fork of Vireio Perception. It is an open source stereo driver that renders DirectX 9 games in stereo 3D, primarily for use with the Oculus Rift.

Technology and Libraries: C++, DirectX 9, Oculus Rift

The main change from Vireio is an extensive rewrite of the rendering system to render the views for each eye every frame (a large portion of these rendering changes have been back ported to Vireio now). Vireio was originally only updating the views for each eye on alternate frames. Stereoificator is also focused exclusively on rendering for HMDs so code that is only relevant for stereo 3D on desktop monitors has been removed.


Shifting Letters

Shifting Letters is a word puzzle game I developed for Android (2.2 and above). It features 3 game modes and online high scores via Scoreloop as well as local high scores, statistics and achievements.

Technology and Libraries: Android, Java, OrmLite, Scoreloop, AdMob, Google Play In-App Billing.


One of the design goals was for the game to work on as many Android phones as possible. To this end, all rendering is done with Canvas rather than OpenGL as many low end phones (including my own) at the time the project was started only had software OpenGL ES 1.1. Much better 2D performance is achievable on these devices with Canvas. Android 2.2 and above covered 95% of devices using the Google Play store at the time and gave In App Billing support so I chose 2.2 as the minimum version I was going to support.